Child Support

We can help make sure each parent is following the NC child support guidelines and assist with the collection of child support.
Henry Law Offices, PLLC, can assist you with child support issues. We will discuss your income, the other parent’s income (or ability to earn income) and the needs of the child. We will discuss your options with you and be passionate advocates for your position. As a result, we will help you collect the money you are owed!

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Spousal Support

Post Separation Support refers to the temporary support granted to a dependent spouse until Alimony is awarded or denied.  Alimony is an award for support that a spouse may be required to pay to a dependent spouse after the dissolution of a marriage. 
Spousal Support must typically be paid when one spouse is deemed to be a “dependent spouse.” Our office will do everything possible to protect your interests and ensure that the court has an accurate picture of your contributions to a marriage.

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage

This includes Separation Agreements and all issues attached to a divorce.

North Carolina requires you and your spouse to be separated for one year prior to divorce.  This means you must have been living separate and apart with the intent by at least one spouse that the separation is permanent.  Separate and apart requires that you must be living is separate residences. 

If you are living in the same home but separate rooms, this does not qualify.

If you and your spouse agree on the issues, Henry Law Offices, PLLC can assist you in drafting a Separation Agreement.

Do not sign anything your spouse or their lawyer gives you without consulting your own attorney first.

Family Law

Our office provides aggressive and effective family law services that will protect you and your children, as well as the assets you have worked for all your life. If you are facing a divorce, or you are considering the possibility of divorce, you need the experience provided by the Henry Law Offices, PLLC.
As a highly experienced family law firm, Henry Law Offices, PLLC, can assist with all aspects of family law, including Equitable Distribution, Child Custody, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Spousal Support and Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage.

Equitable Distribution

Often referred to as the division of property, this includes valuation issues, ownership issues, pet issues and future income issues. 
With a diverse and experienced background in marital asset division, the Henry Law Offices, PLLC, knows that the division of marital property can raise numerous issues. These issues include the following:
Whether the property is classified as marital, separate, or divisible. Often times these issues are clouded where there is a commingling of property, such as when one spouse sells a house and puts the money in a joint account containing money from the marriage. The valuation of pension plans, stock options, professional businesses, closed corporations, collectibles, and other assets.
Regardless of your marital asset or property issues, our office has the experience to help you sort through the complexities of these matters to ensure a fair and equitable distribution is made of the marital assets.

Child Custody and Visitation

At Henry Law Offices, PLLC, we understand the issues and concerns surrounding the welfare of a child. We are experienced in handling child custody and visitation issues, including legal custody, physical custody and scheduling visitation or parenting time.
  • Joint Custody - Usually referred to as joint legal and shared physical custody, where both parents participate in decisions affecting the child, including education and activities.
  • Sole Custody - Typically sole custody refers to both legal custody (involving decision making on behalf of the child), and physical custody (where the child will reside).
  • Visitation - Henry Law Offices, PLLC, can assist in working out a schedule for weekdays, weekends, vacations, holidays, birthdays, and special events.

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